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Made in Poland , all products are manufactured at SKOFF's own
production plant in Poland.


We have 20 years of experience in the industry. 

We are continuously monitoring trends and extending our knowledge
of the industry and the environment our customers operate in.

It is important for us to combine innovation with end user's satisfaction-
oriented sustainable development.For many years, we have been co-
operating with reliable trade partners.

Owing to reliable services, we have a lot of regular customers

We warrant a timely and quick order filling

A team of
our qualified specialists are ready to assist you

Our approach to customers is individual and flexible

Portfolio of products

Portfolio of products

Architectural lightning

Furniture lightning

Indoor and outdoor lightning


Lighting accessories

Industrial and
intellectual property

Products bearing the SKOFF DESIGN mark have been entirely designed by SKOFF without violating third party rights to industrial designs. We pay special attention to our own design and hence we protect it with rights to industrial designs and utility models.Our main objective is to render our own ideas in end products without imitating others. In our opinion, aesthetic perception of an object is as important as its function and the best solution for consumers is when the functional role is coupled with the general structure and artistic expression of the end product.


EnergetabHonorable Mention
of XXVIII International
Bielsko Fairs
for Galaxy Line (2015)
Diament"Furniture Diamond 2011"
as Furniture Accessories
for : furniture  shelf 
"PM Solum" type 
G45, G60, G90 (2011)
Swiatlo2nd  Place for Furniture
Shelf PM SOLUM as the
Best  Product of  XVIII
International Fairs
Light (2010)
Light FairAward Nomination
as the most innovative 
product of  LIGHTFAIR 
in Las Vegas for Music
Line (2008)
Slaska RzeczHonorable mention in
the competition
Product 2006" for Music
Line (2007)
Europen MedalEuropean Medal
for Music Line
awarded by Business
Center Club (2007
CastoramaSpecial Prize for professional  partnership  awarded by Castorama

Innovative Product – Honorable mention for  Music Line products
in Castorama  (2007)
Gold MedalGold  Medal  of
Fairs in 
Poznań for Music
Honorable mentionHonorable mention on
Interior and Furniture
Fairs in Katowice(2003
IP20 OR Hermetic IP66 ?
Each  element  of LED module is
covered  with  the  layer  of  UV
cured varnish

After  varnishing,  modules  go  to
special  exposure  chamber  where
the varnish is hardened and in this
way  whole modules are protected
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